Get Healthy. Eat Right. Be Right. 

At aFitnessMilitia will help you design the proper nutrition plan that’s right for you and your body type. One size does not fit all. The nutrition plan that you will get when you sign up with us will allow you to exercise the daily disciplines necessary to achieve your goals without overloading you with high-cost supplements and difficult meal choices.

Nutrition is the most important part of physical fitness, but most people put more effort into planning their workouts and neglect their nutrition. Cutting calories is not always the answer, nor is cutting out carbs or avoiding all forms of sugar. Balance is key and the body needs all forms of nutrients and a variety of foods in order to properly work and change according to your fitness goals.

When you sign up for a month a nutrition with us, you will get the following:

  • weekly meetings to monitor progress
  • Food options
  • scheduled cheat meals
  • constant contact with us
  • frequent changes as necessary

We put in the hard work so that getting healthy is easier for you!