If you want to obtain maximum results you must have a workout plan designed specifically for your body type. at aFitnessMilitia, we will work with you to develop the perfect workout regiment that is personally designed to fit your lifestyle, your goals, and your body type.

We will track each session and go over it with you both before and after each workout. You will be provided with a plan to take home so that while you are outside of the gym, you can still work toward your goals and be successful. Most gyms claim they will give you a routine to follow when you are not with a trainer, but after you sign up they tend to not hold true to their word. At aFitnessMilitia, we want you to be successful with or without us and hope that our dedication and keeping true to our word will keep you coming back. We want to see you succeed for a lifetime, not just for the session.

When you sign up with us, you will get:

  • weekly weigh-ins
  • workout sheets to track progress
  • nutrition plan (updated weekly for those who sign up for two or more sessions a week)
  • constant contact with us
  • supplement guide (if requested)

At aFitnessMilitia you get more for your money. anywhere else in the area charges more per session than we do. That is only because we understand that money can be tight at times but health is important. We want to make a healthy life accessible for everyone.