3 Ways to not blow your diet this weekend….

We’ve all done it. We are in are “week” routines, work, gym, meal prep and food are all good, then friday night comes, good bye chicken breast and asparagus, hello pizza and beer. So what do you do now to not fall back, and ruin a weeks worth of work?


I’ve got some ideas…..

  • DO NOT wait till monday to get back on track. This will minimize the damage. Im not sure when Monday became the designated  “start over day” but there are 6 other days you can start over, and if you blow it on a Friday, you have my permission to start over the very following morning, which is Saturday. Its a super simple way to keep you on track.


  • Don’t forget to meal prep for Saturday and Sunday. This goes without saying, but minus possibly having to go to work, there is no difference in Wednesday and Saturday, or Tuesday and Sunday. Its just a 24 hour period you have the opportunity to be 1% better than you were the day before. Make enough food to keep you on track on the weekend. Remember  the 7 P’s…… Prior Planning Prevents P*** Poor Performance…Period.


  • Do something active on the weekend, or even have a gym session on one of the 2 days. You don’t have to take weekends off. Heck, I plan my leg day on the weekend because I get some extra sleep and this helps me tremendously to have an awesome workout.  If taking weekends off knocks you off your diet too, I’d suggest training one of the days, and that way you are more likely to eat in accordance with your exercise plan.


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