New to the gym? My thoughts….

If you are just starting an exercise program, you may be totally clueless what you should be doing. Cardio? Weights? Both? What order?? The list goes on. One thing the stands pretty universal for any beginner regardless of goals (trying to build muscle, trying to lose fat) whatever the case, you need to take the first 30 days and basically “wake up” your body. The most efficient way to achieve this, is rotating a day of full upper body, and a day of full lower body. So your split could simply be, ex..


Monday upper

Tuesday lower

Wednesday off

Thursday upper

Friday lower

Saturday and Sunday off

You aren’t quite ready yet to jump into a single body part split, and it takes some time to create the neurological pathways that will help in your progression later on. As for cardio, I always recommend you do this after lifting and not before, and most definitley on days your are not lifting weights.

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