Carbohydrate Cycling….what is it?

Carb cycling is a method of dieting that involves planned increases and decreases in carbohydrate intake. It usually involves increasing and decreasing caloric intake, too. There are many carb cycling protocols out there, but most the most common is  alternating between at least two or three rotations: For my clients this usually looks like a rotation of a high day, 2 medium days, and 1 to 2 low days.

Heres a general example:

Day one would be 300 carbs, day 2- 200 carbs, day 3-  200 carbs, then day 4-  100 carbs, and maybe one more day at 100 carbs, then right back to 300.

Again theses numbers will vary from person to person, but you can see the general pattern. Just a warning though. In this rotation, you’re low day could fall on a leg day and or a back day. This can be tough, as those days require a lot more energy, but if you can suck it up, eventually your high day will come around and match the appropriate day. For me personally, rotating carbs in this manner is very predictable and although I don’t believe in absolutes when it comes to dieting most everyone would benefit from a rotation in this manner when tying to maximize body fat loss. Give it a shot!

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