Why you’re not losing weight

First, let me start by making it clear that you will not lose weight overnight. You will not lose weight in a day. You may lose weight in a week. But the scale has gone down you say?! Well if it is overnight then it is water weight. If you have started working out and did some cardio, then you expelled more water than normal causing the number on the scale to drop overnight.

After a week of training, you have the chance of seeing the number drop but if not, do not be discouraged. A lot of times when you begin a new training regiment you can actually gain a little weight and you may even feel a little bloated than before you started. Again, this is normal stuff. You are altering your body and doing things to it and with it that you may not have ever done before and it is reacting. But this is a good thing.

Typically, when people start out with weight loss plans the first thing they think of is cutting calories. Now, you have to be careful with how much you cut out of your diet. What I would suggest first before cutting your food intake throughout the day is to start the process by switching to cleaner foods– i.e. vegetables and fruits over granola bars and gummy bears. Make your food at home so that you know what’s going in it and on it. having grilled/cooked chicken over fried and battered. Small changes like this will go along way.

One thing I do when I go out to eat at Asian restaurants is make sure my veggies are steamed and not sautéed and get any sauce on the side. No, certain oils are not horrible for you but the amount that is typically used can be excessive and add to the calorie count, not to mention the fat count.

Along with eating cleaner foods, eating frequently is also important. When you eat frequent meals throughout the day (5-6 meals/snacks) your body doesn’t have to store food in order to have energy to function later on. Most people will go half of the day without eating then bash on tons of food (typically unhealthy food) all in one sitting because they are starving. What happens is the body stores everything that you eat in that one sitting because it knows that it does not get fed very often. Eating frequently does the opposite. The body can use what it needs for energy and repair of muscle tissue after workouts, and expel the rest because it does not need to save it.

Another thing people typically look at for weight loss is cutting carbs. I’m going to make this short and sweet. Your Brain and your body need carbs to function and work properly, not to mention to grow and maintain muscle for metabolism. That being said, dropping carbs down to 100 a day is fine if it is only done for a few weeks at most, though I would only recommend a week to jump-start the process. Staying low carb for long periods of time will hinder muscle growth, it will slow down your metabolism, and cause weight gain rather than weight loss.

Cutting fats can have the same affect. Your body needs them to function and cutting them out completely will hinder the weight loss process. Just choose your fats wisely – i.e. nut butter and avocados.

After making changes to the types and quality of food you eat, then you can start to cut your calorie intake. But be careful, because when you cut your calories down to low, your body may respond at first but you will plateau quickly. Weight loss is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Nothing happens fast and if it does, like sprinting, it will quickly die out. You have to take it slow. Start by making better choices in your foods. Drink lots of water to help your digestive system function, to flush out toxins, and to keep your body hydrated and working properly. Then after mastering that for a few weeks, you can cut your calories down slowly, 100-200 a week at the very most.

Even this will only work for a short amount of time because as you start to build muscle if you are weight training, your body is going to need more food to sustain it and keep your metabolism up. Heck, even if you don’t weight train, there is only so low you can go with calorie intake before adverse effects start to take place on your body composition and health. This is why having a trainer is so important, even if it is only for a month. You can pick their brain and get info and tools to help you succeed while progressing in your fitness levels.

Weight loss and fitness don’t have to be a scary and daunting thing. It can and should be fun. It just takes accurate information and some help to get there. Even the best of the best in the fitness industry started from nothing and had to work hard to get where they are and they did with help from others and so can you!


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