What to expect when you train with me

Top 3 things you won’t get with me:

1. Bouncy balls and exercises standing on your head:
Although I will offer plenty of variety, don’t expect to get asked to stand on a Bosu ball and do one legged squat while balancing and simultaneously touching your nose with one finger. Contrary to what some “Smart” coaches will preach to you, there is no benefit, unless you want to join the circus.

2. The perfect starting nutritional plan:
What I mean by this is this is a process, and it takes time, most of all for me to learn your body, how it reacts to food and so on. If you want the perfect body in 30 days, by all means, plenty of others out there “offer” it. Good luck.

3. The elevator:
I don’t do short cuts because they often fall short and are always temporary. I want to change your life, not “put you on a diet.” Yes, I will train competitors or the mom at home that wants to drop 10 Pounds, but both need to learn proper healthy nutrition. There isn’t much difference between the two. The point: we are going to take the stairs. Together.

To summarize, I don’t claim to know it all. I’ve just been fortunate enough to hang around people much smarter than myself, and I thrive on that. Most things I’ve learned the hard way, and what a privilege it will be to help you avoid the pitfalls so many make including myself. Thanks for listening!

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